Move Over Peanut Butter, There’s a New Spread in Town!

almond-butterYou may have noticed that the peanut butter section at your local grocery store is now overflowing with a considerable assortment of nut butters and sandwich spreads. Gone are the days when deciding which peanut butter to get was so simple: chunky or smooth? Among the seemingly endless varieties of both healthy and unhealthy alternatives, one nut butter in particular known as almond butter, has sparked a new craze among nutritionists and foodies as a result of its nutritional profile and its great flavor.

Two of the most important health benefits offered in almond butter consist of high levels of vitamins and minerals. Nutritional advantages from eating almond butter include monounsaturated fats that help maintain a healthy heart, minerals (calcium, potassium and magnesium) that help lower blood pressure and high amounts of antioxidants such as vitamin E. Other benefits include reducing sudden increases in blood sugar, increasing energy levels, and providing a good source of protein. Almond butter is also low in cholesterol and saturated fats and is both filling and nutritious.

I know what you’re thinking, healthy food doesn’t taste good. Wrong. Almond butters laundry list of health benefits is matched by its sweet, nutty and delicious taste! Almond butter on Valley Lahvosh Rounds or Valley Lahvosh Wraps layered with local fruits and desserts is perfect for a morning treat or late night snack. From its flavor to nutritional value, almond butter is here to stay.


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