Gastropub Invasion!


Just when you thought you’ve been to every kind of restaurant, here comes the Gastropub, invading trendy urban areas near you! Gastropubs integrate the best of fine dining (upscale, locally-sourced ingredients prepared by talented chefs) with a laid-back, come as you are, casual dining experience.

The term “gastropub” was originally coined over twenty years ago to describe The Eagle, a pub in London that realized their typical bar food was just that—typical! They decided to serve an upscale menu while leaving their comfortable pub environment alone. The resulting venue became a hit and has since sparked a global culinary renaissance. The gastropub phenomenon has also taken off in the United States and can be found in many cities including San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago and Atlanta.

The purpose of most gastropubs is to strike more of a balance between advanced culinary techniques, community-based approachable environments, and locally-sourced quality food at more reasonable prices. The look of these restaurants vary from the quaint hole-in-the-wall, off the beaten path locale to the more sleek and modern façade. Yet no matter how they look, they all seem to embrace the come-as-you-are mentality, which is quite refreshing.

Gastropubs have also influenced chefs and restaurants to showcase more local beverages. Crafted beers from local brewing companies are regular items on gastropub menus. This leads to amazing food pairings, which have become a prominent mainstay for most gastropub chefs who all seem to love to bring back comfort foods from our childhood (mac & cheese, PB&J, grilled cheese sandwiches, burgers, etc.).

By now you’re probably hungrier than you were a few minutes ago, so the best way to find the closest gastropub near you is to simply type “gastorpub” into

Happy culinary adventures!



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