The New Way To Tailgate


Football season is upon us! Besides the big game, tailgating has been the highlight to every football fan. And the highlight to every tailgate is food. Like any party, tailgating is not a party without the tasty entrees.

Set aside those burgers, hot dogs, and ribs! Be different when it comes to tailgating. Impress your family and friends by adding a unique flare. Before you start shopping, here are some ideas to add to your next football tailgate.

You can still bring your grill, but leave those frozen burgers at home! Grill some fresh turkey burgers and add them on warm pretzel bun. Another idea is to try wrapping them with lettuce to create a carb-free burger. Spice it up with some Mexican inspiration and make chicken tacos for a fun, hands-on experience. Try homemade guacamole and salsa to pair with your favorite tortilla chips.

Make unique sandwiches with different types of deli meats. Look for prosciutto and pastrami to create an amazing game day sandwich. Panini sandwiches are great to make on the grill. Make a mouthwatering chicken panini with roasted bell peppers and carmelized onions. Grab a ciabatta roll, add Swiss cheese, sliced turkey breast, and Dijon mustard to make an amazing turkey Cuban panini.

Traditionally, tailgates involve social drinking. Instead of beer, make sangrias with your favorite fruit and wine. For non-drinkers, try making flavored iced teas and lemonades for a refreshing taste.

Try out these ideas to make your tailgate unique from all the others at the next game! 


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