Baking With Kids


Do you remember your first time baking as a kid? It was probably a lot of fun baking with your parents while learning recipes you still remember today. Baking with kids is a great experience and activity for both child and parent. Since there are so many creative ways to get your child involved in baking, here’s list of a few of our favorites.

Get your kids to play the part of an actual baker. Start by purchasing kid sized aprons and little chef hats. Find smaller rolling pins, spatulas, and whisks to make it easy for your little bakers.

To make baking a fun and educational experience, find easy-to-follow recipes for your child to read. This makes reading fun and keeps them engaged during the process. Go over measurements and basic fractions while they're reading the recipe, and it will go from a reading class to a math class, and they won’t even know it! This is a great technique which makes learning fun!

Use basic recipes for them to follow, but have them add their own personal twist. If you are baking chocolate chip cookies, ask them if they want to put M&M's or mint chocolate chips instead. Another idea, is to have them pick out their own cookie cutters or ask what color frosting they want to put on the cake. This will personalize they own creation.

Create your own unique ways to make baking with your children more memorable!


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