The Story of Lahvosh


In ancient Armenia there was a king named Aram. During a battle he was taken prisoner by the Assyrian king Nosor. The victor offered the following to his prisoner. "You will remain without food for ten days. On the eleventh day we shall duel with spears. lf you defeat me l shall set you free to return to your country with regal honors."

The next day Aram requested that messengers go to the Armenian army camped near the Assyrian border and bring back his best breastplate.

The Assyrian messengers did so. But the Armenians sensed that something was up. So they delayed the Assyrian messengers until morning when they gave them Aram's breastplate. They did not know that hidden in the breastplate was a thin sheet of bread. ln those days no one knew about lahvosh, and the Assyrians had no idea that the Armenians could conceal bread in a breastplate.

Aram received his armor, but said that was not his best one. The messengers went a second time to get Aram's best breastplate. Aram said again that it was not his best.

The Assyrian messengers continued for eight more days, each time bringing a different breastplate, without being aware that each time the Armenians had hidden in it a thin sheet of bread.

On the eleventh day Aram and Nosor engaged in the duel. Nosor assumed that Aram, weakened by starvation, would be an easy victim in the duel.

However, Aram was alert. The Armenian bread had given him great strength. He won the duel and returned home with honors. On his return Aram decreed that thereafter Armenians would bake the thin lahvosh instead of various other thick and varied breads.



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