Post-Halloween Treats and Ideas!

2013-11-01 1227

Just before you start tossing the carved jack-o-lanterns and eating all the left over candy, try these great ideas for post-Halloween fun.

Instead of having the kids snack on candy for the next week, try giving them different snacks to munch on. Valley Lahvosh has individually pack crackerbread products that are convenient and delicious. The cinnamon hearts are just as sweet as candy!

If you saved those pumpkin seeds from your jack-o-lanten, you can roast, blend, and puree them. Try roasting the seeds with different spices, like cinnamon powder or tumeric, for a healthy snack. Blend or puree pumpkin seeds to make a great pumpkin nut soup or a pumpkin pesto sauce for your next fall dish!

For your carved pumpkins, try decorating them by placing different leaves, branches, and other foliage inside to create a great front porch accent just in time for Thanksgiving. When it starts to fall apart, that is when your jack-o-lantern will become great compost!



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